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One of the strangest anti-feminist stereotypes to me – among the Birkenstock-wearing and bra-burning – is the idea that we’re unhappy. Angry. Bitter. Both because the foundation of the insult is the assumption that women should be perpetually happy, and because the truth is that the culture doesn’t actually mind if women are unhappy – so long as we keep it to ourselves.

Women’s distress directed inward – from eating disorders to feelings of inadequacy – keeps the status quo moving along, with diet pills selling through the roof and women asking for promotions far less often than their male counterparts. But when our dissatisfaction takes an outward turn, people get uncomfortable. Then, women’s emotions are “hysterical” or over-the-top. Anything less than a bubbly disposition means that we’re “bitches”. Hell hath no fury like a man who finds a woman displeasing.

From “Why are women so ‘unhappy’?”, my latest at the Guardian. (via jessicavalenti)

" the truth is that the culture doesn’t actually mind if women are unhappy – so long as we keep it to ourselves"

holy fuck, this. 

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Reblog if you’d watch a show or movie with an asexual protagonist

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Basically my creative process.

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Ok but imagine all the guys, despite the initial shock, getting quickly used to the fact that Steve and Bucky are a couple and hey, Captain America isn’t exactly straight, except Tony, because there’s this thing he can’t stop thinking about.

Then on movie night Steve goes make more popcorn for him and Bucky and Tony follows him and when he comes back he’s just upset and blurting out “For the last time, Tony, I did not sleep with your father. Bucky, please, tell him!”

And Bucky says, with a mouthful of popcorn, “Steve did not sleep with your father, Tony” and Steve’s eyebrows scream ‘told you son’ to Tony untill Bucky finishes the sentence with “But I did” and everybody stares at him.

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Kingfisher fishing 101.

Holy shit birds are magic.


The Fisher King




Real Life Flemish Portraits by Sacha Goldberger

Taking a cue from Rembrandt, Sacha enlisted a small army of costume, hair, and make-up designers to assist his human and live animal models. My personal photo would have been with a mongoose. Aint no cobras coming after me.

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The 1600s in Lyra’s universe.

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Life as an elementary music teacher

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Why the hell was there a black guy in Maleficent?

These people are living in medieval Europe very far detached from any sort of ocean or sea. I’d be amazed if they had even invented a boat yet. Where the hell did the black guy come from?

there were fairies, monsters created from roots, and a fucking crow that could shapeshift into a man in Maleficent and the most unrealistic thing to you in the entire movie was a black guy

did you also just posit that there weren’t any boats in medieval europe

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so I had to make a lamp for pottery and sculpture II so I worked on my project all day today and every time people looked at me weird bc they were expecting like a bedazzled lampshades or some shit and I’m not about that so I got finished and went over to my teacher holding this huge motherfucker


and everyone was just staring at me like “what the fuck is this thing??? what???” and then I plugged it in


people fucking lost it


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a muggleborn student gets called a mudblood, so they lick their hand and wipe it on the pureblood’s face, singing “got mud on your face, you big disgrace, somebody better put you back into your place”

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